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Really it is a wonderful instant tyre puncture sealing product. It is very much important & essential for all private & commercial vehicles. It is produced under British modern technology. It can save life and property during running vehicle on the road.

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It can repair any tyre puncture of size 6.8 mm to 38 mm instantly. By one injection it can repair at a time 50 punctures within few seconds. By it’s special technology it can prevent the tyre’s heat generation & keep the tyre cool, result of which tyre & tube last longer.

♦♦ It keeps the Rim free from rust.
♦♦ Suitable for Bicycle, Tricycle, auto 3 wheeler, Passenger car, light & heavy commercial vehicle (Bus/Truck etc.) and heavy construction vehicle.

♦♦ Price is so competitive, every ambitious can afford. So, for your any need please don’t forget to contact us. Interested from home & abroad are welcome. We are always at your service. Please see details brochure in our site and watch the following above HD VIDEO.