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Mega International Trading Co. is a leading import and export trading Co. Which is a subsidiary company of MEGA GROUP. Company playing an important roll in import and export of different products including products of other subsidiary companies of MEGA GROUP.

Among export products of MEGA GROUP mainly are Dry food stuffs, Spices, Fresh Vegetables, Potato, Fruits, Lemons, Sea frozen Fish & fresh water frozen fish, Raw Jute, Raw Rubber, Animal Nutritional Products and IPS.

Among import products mainly are different sizes BIAS and RADIAL Tyres & Tubes, Commercial Vehicles, Automobile Spare Parts, Bearing, High grade Fish Meal, Human Health Care products and Solar Energy System.

We are devoted to meet the satisfaction of our clients/customers by sincerity, honesty and integrity.


MEGA MAGIC tyre SEALANT..read more

Really it is a wonderful instant tyre puncture sealing product. It is very much important & essential for all private & commercial vehicles. It is produced under British modern technology. It can save life & property during running vehicle on the road. It can repair any tyre puncture of size 6.8 mm to 38 mm instantly. By one injection it can repair at a time 50 punctures within few seconds .. ..

Price is so competitive, every ambitious can afford. So, for your any need please don’t forget to contact us. Interested from home & abroad are welcome. We are always at your service. Please see details brochure & watch video following the above link ..

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