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♦ Vincinni | more than 53 product group with different taste appearance, flavor and package.

Under brand VINCINNI

There are several products with different taste appearance, flavor and package. All of those product are very Tasty, Mouthwatering, SAFE and High grade, which are marketed almost all over EU countries, USA, Middle East and Soviet Union. To the aim to introduce those SAFE and QUALITY food products, we took the initiation to serve those products to the health conscious peoples of Bangladesh as well as other neighboring countries.

All the VINCINNI products are health beneficial with good food value. Shelf life of all products are 6-12 months which is helpful to keep the products in store for a long time. Detail E-Catalog of VINCINNI product is given here....

Tortina Gelee Tortina Jelly 17051
Tortina strawberry Tortina strawberry 14975
Tortina Milk Tortina Milk 14910
Tortina Apricot Tortina Apricot 14911
Dolcezza Chocolate Dolcezza Chocolate 15085
Triofino Cocoa Triofino Cocoa 14917
Tortina Milk Tortina Milk 14910
Tortina Hazelnut Tortina Hazelnut 15848
Tortina Milk Tortina Milk 14923
Mini Roll Chocolate Mini Roll Chocolate 4740
Swiss Roll Vanilla Swiss Roll Vanilla 15150
Cocoa Almi Cocoa Almi 14944
Hazelnut Chocola Hazelnut Chocola 15563
Strawberry Chocola Strawberry Chocola 15081
Honey Cake Cherry Honey Cake Cherry 4800
Strudla Mix fruits Strudla Mix fruits 15801
Mix Cookies Mix Cookies 15321
Shepy Shepy 15323
Apple Jam Cinnamon & Apple Jam 15320
Premium Wafer Premium Wafer 15778
Premium Wafer Tortina Cake Bars 4706
Premium Wafer Mini Roll Vincinni 4750
Premium Wafer Swiss Roll Vincinni 4847
Premium Wafer Jumbo Roll Vincinni 4728
Premium Wafer Chocolate Roll Vincinni 4870
Premium Wafer Jumbo Topping Chocola 14950
Premium Wafer Honey Cakes 15178
Premium Wafer Strudla Cookie Bar 14999
Premium Wafer Petit Buerre Biscuits 15074
Premium Wafer Keksinni Petit Biscuit 15053
Premium Wafer Tea Cookies Vanilla 14934
Premium Wafer Choco Tea Cookies 14934
Premium Wafer American Cookies 15160
Premium Wafer Twingers 15313
Premium Wafer Choco Chips 15066
Premium Wafer Viva La Vita 36029
Premium Wafer Vanilly 88101
Premium Wafer Selection 88105
Premium Wafer Cake Sheets 15060
Premium Wafer Round Cake Sheets 4782
Premium Wafer Cake Banana 15161
Premium Wafer Torta Chocolate 15105
Premium Wafer Vincinni Marble Cake 4720
Premium Wafer Foil Cake Marble 15100
Premium Wafer Muffin Choco Chips 15121
Premium Wafer Rondo Cake Marble 15110
Premium Wafer Perfetto Dessert 15112
Premium Wafer Chrismas Rondo Cake 15116
Premium Wafer Premiere 15292
Premium Wafer Napolitan Wafers 15284
Premium Wafer Napolitan Wafers 15630
Premium Wafer Napolitan Wafers 15638

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