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♦ Rice Bran product of mega group:

Rice Bran : Bangladesh produces High grade Rice Bran. Rice Bran contains good percentage of oil.

It is usually produced during polishing rice. Rice Bran contains 13% Cr. protein and 14% to 20% Cr. Fat. It also contains many amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and several other necessary minerals. As a good nutrient for human food and animal feed rice bran is also deep source of edible oil (by extraction process) which is a good healthy product for human being. Rice bran also widely use in animal feeding like poultry & cattle.

quality Rice Bran rice bran
Rice Bran in vassel rice bran
Rice Bran procedure rice bran procedure
Rice Bran rice bran

Since, staple food of Bangladesh people is Rice, therefore huge rice grow, thrice in a year and produces huge quantity of rice bran.
We are exporting considerable quantity of quality Rice bran from different auto rice-mill of Bangladesh.

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