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Mega Multi foods Co. is a subsidiary concern of Mega Group. This company are a producer, Processer & packer of different kinds of foods & food products specially Agro base food products. Among different Agro base products, different variety of premium quality BASMATI & NON BASMATI Rice are the major import & export items of our company. Our company have set-up rice processing factory in India & Bangladesh. From India, our company export those rice to all over the world including Bangladesh. For any food item our company maintain quality perimeter as per international standard. The name of our brand is “MEGA CROWN”.

The following variety of premium quality rice we are exporting to Bangladesh & world market under packing size 1kg, 5 kg, 10 kg & 20 kg.


We sell 3 kinds of Basmatirice (a) Raw & ParboiledBasmati, (b) Golden Basmati & (c) Brown Basmati.
Parboiled Extra Long uncooked Basmati is a thin long grain rice. Size of raw rice is 9 mm & after cooking it becomes long 20-22 mm. cooked rice is silky white & fluffy and not sticky. Produces milky Aroma, taste is excellent. With Basmati rice can make different deliciousdishes/cuisines and sweet dissert. Self-life of Extra Long parboiled Basmati rice is 1 year & Brown Basmati is 2 years. Cooking time require 10-12 minutes. Basmati rice have several health benefit.

White Parboiled Basmati uncooked Extra Long Basmati Rice 1kg
White Parboiled Basmati uncooked Long Grain Traditional Basmati Rice 1kg
White Parboiled Basmati uncooked White Parboiled Basmati uncooked
White parboiled Basmati cooked White parboiled Basmati cooked
White Raw Basmati Uncooked White Raw Basmati Uncooked
Golden Basmati Cooked White Raw Basmati cooked
Golden Basmati Uncooked Golden Basmati Uncooked
Golden Basmati cooked Golden Basmati cooked
Brown Basmati Uncooked Brown Basmati Uncooked
Brown Basmati cooked Brown Basmati cooked
Extra Long Nazirshail Rice Extra Long Nazirshail 1kg
Super Nazirshail Rice Super Nazirshail Rice 1kg
Extra Long Katari Vogh Extra Long Katari Vogh 1 kg
Super Miniket Rice Super Miniket Rice 1kg
Aromatic Tasty Chinigura Aromatic Tasty Chinigura 1kg
Aromatic Tasty Chinigura Long Grain Banshkati 1kg

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